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The Idiot Test 3 - The original iOS brain teaser game

the idiot test 3

The third series of the popular flash game The Idiot Test by Ryan Curtis is now released for your iPhone & iPod Touch.

Trying to prove that you're not an idiot? How many times will you fail trying to complete this whacky test? Make a fool out of your friends, family or even your co-workers and make them publish their failure on their Facebook profile.


  • Simple brain teasing task
  • Password checkpoint
  • Game timer for competing
  • Facebook Connect to publish your result
  • Endless hours of laughter
  • Suitable for all ages

Download links:

The Idiot Test 3 at App Store


  • Over 6.7 million copies downloaded to date
  • Top Free App in U.K, Canada & Australia.
  • #2 Top Free App in US App Store.
  • Ranked #1 for Entertainment in US App Store
  • #600 All-Time Top Free iPhone Apps


"Game to tease your sleepy brain"  -  iPhone Footprint

"to test people you feel like laughing at"  -  iPhone App Reviews



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