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Destroy the rotating wheel by shooting the color ball to the matching part of the ring. Don't hit the wrong section.
» Dulp on App Store
» Dulp on Google Play

Zig Zag Boom

Follow the zigzag path and don't hit the wall. A simple one button arcade that challenges your reaction time.
» Zig Zag Boom on App Store
» Zig Zag Boom on Google Play


Crazily addictive arcade game that stimulate your brain and reflexes. Tap left or right based on the box shown on the conveyor belt.
» Sidechain on App Store
» Sidechain on Google Play

Warship Solitaire

Challenging logic puzzle game that bring the best of battleship and sudoku into a single game.
» Warship Solitaire on App Store

Bloom Box

Addicting puzzle game with exciting chain reaction gameplay. Move the boxes with different patterns to create a chain reaction.
» Bloom Box on App Store

Pig Shot

It's easy to be everyone's favorite when it involves shooting pig off slingshots and rolling it down a challenging trail.
» Pig Shot on App Store

Glow Puzzle

Glow Puzzle is connect the dot puzzle game that is fun for everyone. Connect all the lines in each puzzle using the dots as connector.
» Glow Puzzle on App Store

The Idiot Test 3

Are you a complete idiot? Find out by going through close to 100 brain teasing task in the third The Idiot Test game by Ryan Curtis.
» The Idiot Test 3 on App Store

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